Friday, 10 April 2015

PC Passport and Office 365

The QDT for PC Passport visited the Microsoft offices in Edinburgh yesterday. Microsoft had kindly invited the team to look at the latest version of Microsoft Office (Office 365) and I was pleased to accept the invitation.

PC Passport aims to cover the same territory as Office 365 -- word processing, spreadsheets, presentations and databases. I was keen that the revised award is fully compatible with the latest version of the suite. It was an interesting afternoon. Office 365 has lots of new features compared to previous versions, particularly relating to collaboration and social.

The event was timeous. The QDT is currently writing the component units. We will ensure that these new features can be delivered within the revised version of PC Passport. SQA awards are product and vendor neutral but we try to ensure that they are as relevant and vocational as possible by ensuring that the encompass industry standards. So, no one will have to use Office 365 to deliver PC Passport but, if you choose to use it, you will find the revised award is fully compatible.

You can download the revised qualification FAQ here. Or contact Helen for more information about the current or revised awards. The revised award will be available to centres from January.

Office 365 is free to every school pupil, school teacher, college student and college lecturer in Scotland. Contact Alan Wood for more information.

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