Thursday, 16 April 2015

Goodbye world

This blog has been going since 2004 and, over time, I think, it has proven to be a success, with around 100 unique readers per day. It's become an important source of regular information to centres about vocational Computing qualifications.

SQA wants to make greater use of social media, and we think subject-based blogs, like this one, are a good way of doing that. So, we are extending the blogs to 10 subject areas (including Computing). We're going to use WordPress for this so I will be migrating from Blogger to this new platform (Wordpress). Starting Monday (20 April) all new posts will be done on this new service. You might want to update your bookmarks and news feeds accordingly.

The new blog will cover all sectors (not just vocational Computing). The contributors will include my team, the school team and the CfE team. So there will be posts about all Computing qualifications.

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog over the years, and I hope you join me on the new service, which can be found here:


  1. Sorry to hear the Computing blogspot is going. I'm sure many will agree that it has been a great source for the Computing sector over the years. Here's to pastures new! Cheers, David McDade

  2. It's not really going, David. Just changing home. And it's good news for the other subject areas, which will not have something similar.

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