Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Resource lists

We've made two recent changes to the way that we develop new qualifications. We now produce FAQs for all new awards, which evolve as the qualification itself develops. And we also produce resource lists for new awards.

A resource list is a list of online and offline resources that can be used to deliver the new qualification. There is normally one resource list per unit. Each list will contain: YouTube videos, websites, Wikipedia articles, podcasts, online quizes, e-books and other online resources, as well as some offline resources such as text books and articles. The key thing is that these are linked to specific outcomes and performance criteria so that teachers know precisely where (and how) they can be used.

I normally ask the QDT to populate these lists (voluntarily) but, occasionally, the lead developer (or another member of the QDT) takes a more pro-active role.

Although we've only done a few, they have proven to be popular with teachers and lecturers. The Digital Passport lists were well liked by the pilot centres. Here is the one we created for Social Media Literacy (SCQF 4).

So, look out for resource lists in the future.

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