Wednesday, 25 March 2015

HNC/D Computer Games Development

Some time ago, we asked Gillian Flockart, of Dundee & Angus College, to scope the changes needed to the current HNC/D Computer Games Development award. Me and Caroline met with Gillian this morning to discuss her findings.

Gillian reported that centres are pretty happy with the existing qualification, and that most of the changes should be small, such as the addition of some new units and minor changes to some existing units. We discussed, at some length, the role of maths within the award.

We are now going to move onto the development phase. Gillian is going to lead the development. So we're looking for QDT members. Please contact Caroline if you are interested in participating in this development. I am hoping for one face-to-face meeting (most likely in May) when we would discuss the changes and assign people to the tasks.

The new award will be available to centres from August 2016. Contact Caroline for further information about this development.

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