Tuesday, 24 February 2015

New Units in Big Data and Data Science

As you will have read in a previous blog posting, we have been busy developing two new HN units in the area of Big Data at SCQF Level 7 and Data Science at SCQF Level 8.

Both units are now complete and available for download via the SQA website.

I am currently liaising with the Qualification Support Team (QST) to establish which frameworks the units should be part of and once this has been decided, they will be added as optional units.  If you are interested in delivering the Units and would like them as part of a particular group award, please get in touch with me directly and I can feed this into the QST for discussion.

Each unit will have an Assessment Support Pack (ASP) - both ASPs are under development and will be available to centres by May 2015.

You can view the published units by clicking on the links below:

Big Data (SCQF Level 7)
Data Science (SCQF Level 8)

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