Monday, 2 February 2015

Heads of Computing event

The Heads of Computing event took place on Friday at the Stirling Highland Hotel. This annual event has taken place for over 20 years now and is an important date in the team's calendar.

It went well. The agenda this year, I thought, was a particularly good mix of stuff-you-need-to-know and interesting presentations about such things as the future of assessment and cyber security.

My own presentation provided an update on qualifications (a standing item on the agenda) plus a short presentation on the new NPA in Digital Passport.

The one disappointing thing about the day was the attendance. The event normally attracts 50-70 people and we got just over half of that on Friday. I think that there were many reasons for that, the main one being the new regionalised college structures means that there are far fewer Heads of Computing.

I took the opportunity to promote the new Lead Person Network for Computing, which I hope will become a useful communication channel in the coming year.

Please contact Caroline if you want to know more about Firday's event or get a copy of the presentations.

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