Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Digital skills report

The UK government published a report yesterday on the need to improve digital skills. The House of Lords Select Committee on Digital Skills published a report entitled Make or Break: The UK's Digital Future. A BBC article summarises the main findings and recommendations, which include:

  • the need to ensure everyone leaves school with basic digital literacy
  • the need to attract more women into computing
  • the need to improve intermediate and high-end digital skills
  • more emphasis on digital skills within Modern Apprenticeships.

The report claims that the UK is at a "tipping point" with digital skills. One that will determine the shape of the future UK economy. I was particularly interested in the comment about the importance of medium and high level digital skills since this is often an area that is overlooked.

The Computing portfolio of qualifications already has a lot of awards in digital literacy but I will look at it again once I have read the report in full. I hope that schools and colleges take the opportunity to check that their programmes address the issues raised in the report.

The full report can be downloaded here [PDF]. Contact Helen for more information about digital literacy qualifications.

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