Wednesday, 19 November 2014

PC Passport and NPA Digital Literacy reviews

Both PC Passport and NPA Digital Literacy are being reviewed during the current year. In fact, PC Passport was meant to be reviewed last year but, instead, we forked the development to create Digital Passport. We now want to turn our attention back to PC Passport.

I intend to organise two "pre-QDT" meetings to discuss how to take each of these developments forward. These meetings would be wide-ranging discussions on what, if any, changes need to be made to these awards. They are "pre-QDT" because, if the recommended changes are small (such as simply updating the support materials rather than changing the contents of the qualifications), there would be no need for a QDT.

I'm hoping to conduct these meetings before Christmas. I've used the new lead person network to ask for college representatives but I am aware that these awards are also offered in schools and training centres. So please contact Liz if you want to be involved in these meetings.

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