Monday, 3 November 2014

Annual meeting of External Verifiers

The External Verifiers (EVs) for my subject area met on Saturday for their annual update meeting. The Senior EV (David Drennan) leads the event. The meeting took place in the SQA offices in Glasgow.

There have been a few changes to the team. For one thing, there are now more women on the team than men, which is a first for the Computing EV team. When I was an EV in the 1990's, if I remember correctly, there wasn't a single woman on the team.

There is a standing item on the agenda for a qualification update, which me and my team deliver. That provides an opportunity to tell the EVs what's changed, what's changing, and what will change in the future. There was nothing in the update that hasn't already been posted on this blog.

The EV job is interesting and fantastic CPD for lecturers. Not only do you get the observe the standards in centres across Scotland but there are opportunities to visit some of our international centres. A few member of the team are going to China shortly. Contact Appointment Management if you want to know more about the role or to apply to become an EV.

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