Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Review of HNC/D Computer Games Development

As part of SQA's regular review process, the HNC/D Computer Games Development is due to be reviewed this year. SQA was the first awarding body in the UK to introduce qualifications in this area. The awards have proven to be popular, with over 1000 pupils in Scottish schools doing the NPA award.

When we're pretty sure that a qualification needs an update, we immediately commence a full review. When we're not so sure, we begin by "scoping" the changes needed. Given the pretty positive feedback I've had about this award, we're going to scope it this year.

We're looking for someone to carry out the scoping. This involves the completion of a pro forma that explores the strengths and weaknesses of the current award, and outlines the likely changes needed. The person would consult with centres that currently offer the award, as well as employer and professional representatives.

Please contact Caroline if you are interested in carrying out this work or want to find out more. Ideally, you will have experience of delivering the qualification. I hope to commence the scoping in November and the person would be required for around one day per week.

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