Wednesday, 8 October 2014

HNC/D Interactive Media

I recently appointed Fiona Murnin as lead developer for the review of HNC/D Interactive Media. Fiona is Course Leader at New College Lanarkshire, and also serves as an External Verifier for SQA.

Me and Caroline met with Fiona yesterday afternoon to discuss the role of the lead developer and also to create a project plan to revise the existing award. The lead developer is a vital role that encompasses several important tasks, including the writing of the Group Award Specification (which includes the qualification structure) and also leading the QDT at the validation event.

Fiona's first job is to write the rationale and aims of the award. We plan on doing this in a novel way. Instead of writing aims, frameworks and other information separately, we plan on completing the appropriate sections of the Group Award Specification directly. That will save us piecing it all together at the end.

The Group Award Specification has been shared online, so you can see how it is progressing at any time.

Fiona will gradually populate the document over the coming months. Feel free to use the comment facility to let us know what you think of it. She will be consulting with stakeholders in the coming months so look out for information about that in the near future.

We hope to have the revised awards (HNC and HND) available to centres from January 2016. Contact Caroline for more information about the development or contact Fiona for specific information about the revised qualification.

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