Thursday, 2 October 2014

Changing how we communicate

I recently posted a message about my annual update letters. In that post I stated that my annual update letters would be sent (via e-mail) to your SQA Co-ordinator for onward distribution to relevant staff. I learned today that that's not the way things are done any more.

SQA Co-ordinators in centres were getting swamped with information, and asked for more to be put into the weekly Centre News, which contains a wide range of SQA-related information about qualifications and events. This week's Centre News can be viewed here. There are links to my letters at the foot of that page and there are instructions about how to subscribe on the right hand panel.

The update letters will also appear on the respective subject pages, either here for NC/NPA awards or here for HN/PDA awards.

I appreciate that the new way of sending information like my update letters is less direct than the previous method (you have to go looking rather than it coming to you) but the old method was causing information overload. It's really another reason to read this blog. There's nothing in the update letters that hasn't been discussed on this blog -- and it arrives here a lot faster than my once-a-year letter. So please bookmark this URL or, better still, add the RSS feed to your favourite reader app. I use Feedly on my PC and smartphone. Or you can follow us on Twitter.

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