Monday, 22 September 2014

Sector Panel

The Sector Panel for Computing met today. The Panel meets once per year and its purpose is to provide guidance about external developments. The members include representatives of schools, colleges, universities, training providers, employers, national organisations and professional bodies.

There was a good attendance today and a busy agenda, which included a discussion about the recently published report entited "Education Working for All" and soon to be published Aspect report on Computing. We were particularly fortunate to have HMIE Sheila Page attend the meeting to give members a preview of the forthcoming Aspect report (which will be published this Friday).

The Panel is not a talk-shop. We agreed on a number of actions today that we will take forward over the coming months. One of these actions will be to explore subject areas that are not well covered by the current portfolio of awards, such as software testing and data security.

We would like to increase the school and employers representation on the Panel so please contact Caroline if you are interested in participating.

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