Thursday, 4 September 2014

Operational plan

The team's operational plan is our work plan for the year. It defines what we aim to do during the current financial year (April to March). There are two ways for a development to get onto the plan: one way is for the qualification to be due a review (normally every five years); the other way is when a business case has been made and approved. The starting point for many new developments is the ideas capture form.

My current operational plan has a number of developments on it. These include:
  • review of NPA Digital Literacy
  • review of PC Passport
  • review of HNC/D Computer Games Development
  • review of HNC/D Interactive Media
  • review of HNC/D Information Technology.
There are a number of smaller developments too, such as the new big data units.

We're at various stages in these developments but most are at relatively early stages (some have not commenced). We're always looking for people to get involved, so please contact Hilary if you are interested in the Digital Literacy or PC Passport reviews or contact Caroline for the HN developments.

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