Monday, 4 August 2014

Updated qualification portfolio

I updated the vocational Computing qualification diagram today. This version incorporates the latest changes to the portfolio of awards.

It includes the new Digital Passport award(s), the recently revised NC qualification(s), and the new workplace qualification in Information Security. I wasn't sure whether to label HND Computer Science as a new award but since many centres will be offering it for the first time next year, in spite of it being developed last year, I decided to think of it as a new award. As you will see from the diagram, a number of qualifications are currently being reviewed, including HND Interactive Media and PC Passport.

It's a big portfolio. There are over 90 group awards available to centres, covering everything from the very basic (such as Computer Basics at SCQF Level 3) to the very advanced (such as HND Software Development at SCQF Level 8).

Please contact Hilary (for non-advanced awards) or contact Caroline (for advanced awards) if you want to know more about existing qualifications or get involved in developments.

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