Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Regional college contacts

I recently mentioned that I planned to create a list of regional college contacts for Computing. With all the changes to colleges over the last few years, the team's contact list is now out of date and doesn't reflect the changed college structures.

So I plan to identify a person from each regional college to be the "contact person" for the college. We would use this list of names to disseminate information to centres. The designated person would cascade the information within his/her regional college to their colleagues involved in delivering Computing qualifications.

This list would not replace the existing forms of communication. So, for example, update letters would continue to be sent to SQA Co-ordinators, and this blog would continue to provide information to anyone who reads it. But the list would be helpful to ensure that information can be disseminated quickly, perhaps in advance of a letter to centres.

We'll use our existing mailing list to ask you to identify one person from your regional college to serve as the lead contact. It's entirely up to each college to decide who this person should be. I've created a form to capture this information.

Once you've decided who you want to represent your regional college, I would appreciate if that information was added to the sheet.

Contact Caroline if you have any queries about the list.

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