Friday, 23 May 2014

Digital Literacy Framework

I recently mentioned SQA's Digital Literacy Competency Framework, which we have been using as the basis of the new Digital Passport awards. I asked for feedback, and one of the comments that I took to heart was that it's not a competency framework (more a list of knowledge and skills). So it's been retitled Digital Literacy Framework (DLF). It's also been updated (a little).

It's interesting to see how the "traditional" view of digital literacy (as computer literacy) is shrinking while the more contemporary view of it (as a mix of online skills, behaviours and attitudes required by "digital citizens") is growing. I think that reflects our times. The important thing to know isn't how to post a status update on Facebook (which is trivial) but what that means in terms of your social presence (and, potentially, your safety). People need to know about the opportunities and threats posed by big data more than they need to know how to design a database.

The Framework will continue to evolve. The latest version is available here.

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