Monday, 17 March 2014

Working with us

One of the less positive results from our annual satisfaction survey relates to opportunities to work with SQA. A lot of respondents reported that they were unaware of how they can participate in SQA work, such as membership of committees, writing units or developing support materials.

Working with SQA is not only great CPD but many of the jobs attract a fee. We have tried to make these opportunities as transparent as possible (through this blog, e-mail lists, etc.) but the survey's results would appear to show that we need to try harder. We also try to "cast the net wide" and get a lot of people involved (rather than using the same people all of the time). Of course, we need people to volunteer before we can do that.

To address both of these issues (improve transparency and increase the number of volunteers) we will "advertise" every opportunity on Twitter. So, if you don't already do so, please follow the team on Twitter. We chose this platform because, we think, it's the one that you are most likely to use since it comes pre-installed on most smartphones and can be accessed on all sorts of devices. So, if you want to know what opportunities are available, please follow the team.

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