Monday, 17 March 2014


We met with the SOLAR team this afternoon. SOLAR is SQA's online assessment system. The purpose of today's meeting was to discuss the the current and future support of Computing qualifications by SOLAR.

SOLAR has been been providing e-assessments for Computing awards for almost ten years now (2005). In fact, Computing has more SOLAR assessments than any other subject. The assessments mostly take the form of online objective tests but more recently it has included other forms of on-screen testing. Most colleges, and many schools, now use SOLAR on a regular basis.

The purpose of today's meeting was to review the current use of SOLAR and think about what new awards need to be added. The use of SOLAR (for Computing) by centres is mixed. Some awards are heavily used, such as the HN Computing qualifications (old and new), and some awards are not so popular, such as the NC awards. We also discussed the new awards that are coming down the pipeline -- particularly Digital Passport, which we intend to support in various ways - including SOLAR.

Please contact if you want to know more about this service or find out what qualifications are supported. There are dozens of Computing units covered by hundreds of assessments.

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