Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Vocational qualifications in schools

Computing is one of the subject areas with a significant number of vocational qualifications in Scottish schools, which have traditionally offered National Units and some vocational group awards. For example, during the present session, over 1000 pupils are currently undertaking the NPA in Computer Games Development.

I was invited to talk to a group of Aberdeenshire teachers in Kemnay Academy yesterday, who wanted to know more about the vocational qualications available to schools. They particularly wanted to know more about the suite of NPAs available to schools and colleges.

So I gave a presentation on vocational qualifications in general and the Computing ones in particular. I highlighted some specific awards, such as the new National Units called Computer Basics and the forthcoming award entitled NPA Digital Passport. I pointed out some of the advantages of vocational qualifications: the large choice, the range of subjects covered, the more flexible assessment, and the materials available to support them.

Around 20 teachers were present and, I think, they were genuinely interested in how their schools could compliment the "standard" provision with some vocational awards. If you want to know more about why your centre might want to consider offering vocational awards, look through the presentation or contact Hilary directly.

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