Friday, 20 December 2013

Digital Passport

As you most likely know, we've been revising PC Passport for a while. Quite early in that development, the QDT realised that we wanted to change a great deal about the award so that it embraced lots of modern knowledge and skills. As a result, we made an early decision to create two awards: an entirely new one and one based on the current award. The development effectively split into two, and we've been working on the new award for most of the time.

The new award will be called Digital Passport. It will be a National Progression Award (NPA) at SCQF Levels 4, 5 and 6, and consist of three units (at all Levels):

  1. Information Literacy
  2. Network Literacy
  3. Social Media Literacy

The qualification will be hierarchical (like the original PC Passport award) so that you can teach multi-levels in the same classroom.

We think that this new award is the most up-to-date digital literacy award in the UK. It will deliver essential digital skills for 21st Century citizens. It was designed to embrace the essential skills that various government reports have highlighted. We hope that it will become as popular as PC Passport in its heyday.

We haven't forgotton about PC Passport. We've been working on updating this to modernise its contents. But the changes will be minimal and a clear evolution of the current award, so that if you currently teach PC Passport it will be straight-forward to move over to the new one.

The validation event for Digital Passport takes place in January, with the corresponding event for PC Passport later in the year. We hope to have both awards available to centres from 2014-15.

I'll be writing to centres early in the New Year with more details but in the meantime contact Hilary for more information.

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