Friday, 22 November 2013

CUSP meeting

I've mentioned the CUSP group before. There was another meeting last Friday (I've been meaning to post a message since then) that I attended. The meeting was held at Caledonian University. The prime goal of the group is to promote and ease articulation from college to university so members were very interested in the alternative assessments that I am developing for the new HN awards. I gave a presentation on this topic, which seemed to be well received.

The new assessments are a good fit for this group since the aims coincide -- smoothing progression from college to university. The alternative assessments are designed to do exactly that since they aim to mirror the sorts of assessments that students face at university. There will be a number of "university-type" assessments covering a range of new awards.

We'll be looking for pilot centres early next year and, given the positive response of CUSP members, I'm hopeful that there will be no shortage of volunteers. Look out for more information in the New Year.

Contact me if you want to know more about the alternative assessments for Computing.

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