Monday, 4 November 2013

Centre satisfaction survey

I closed the centre satisfaction survey this morning. It's been open for 10 weeks. There were only 15 responses so it's hard to place too much faith in the results.

Overall, the results were good. In spite of the use of electronic communications, my annual update letters are still popular with centres (65% of respondents read them); unlike Twitter, which remains the least popular means of communication (7%). Not only were the update letter read - they were liked too (82%). So, it looks like I will be writing to centres for the foreseeable future. This blog split respondents down the middle - with 47% being very satisfied (the highest "very satisfied" rating of any information source) but also 47% being dissatisfied. Overall, 86% of respondents were satisfied or very satisfied with the way the team communicates with centres.

You were also pretty happy with the range (93%) and quality (71%) of qualifications. However, the amount of assessment did not rate so highly (64% were satisfied). Support materials were liked, with the exception of the e-learning material (60% were not satisfied) and SOLAR (67% were not satisfied). So we need to work on them.

According to the results, you're aware of what we're doing (21% were not), happy with the speed of response (7% were not), felt that we dealt with you courtesously (no-one thought otherwise), but you were less sure about the opportunities to get involved with SQA (43%). Overall, only one in seven (14%) of respondents were dissatisfied with the service that the team provides.

The overall satisfaction rating (which includes everything) remains high -- only 14% were dissatisfied and no-one was "completely dissatisfied". So, I am pretty pleased with the results. There is room for improvement (such as our e-learning materials and we need to do more work on reducing assessment) but there were a lot of positives too. However, the size of the response prevents me from reading too much into the results.

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