Friday, 27 September 2013

Digital literacy

The term "digital literacy" isn't new but it's one I am hearing more and more with each passing month. As you may know, The Royal Society recommended that digital literacy be recognised as one (of three) strands to the subject of Computing. There has been a number of recent reports about the need to improve the digital literacy skills of UK (and global) citizens. SQA responded to The Royal Society report by creating a cognate group for Digital Literacy.

Digital literacy is really a collection of literacies including, but not limited to, information literacy, network literacy and social media literacy. It has been described as "the essential skills for 21st Century citizenship". I am currently looking at my portfolio of awards, which includes an NPA in Digital Literacy that was created in 2007, to check if it is up-to-date. We're certainly more aware now of the key skills that need to be included in awards that can call themselves "digital literacy qualifications" and the current reviews (such as the review of PC Passport) will ensure that these knowledge and skills are "baked-in".

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