Thursday, 11 July 2013

Milestone reached

The team recently reached a milestone in its use of social media. Our Twitter account now has more than 500 followers. It's taken a while to get there (we started to use Twitter in 2009) but it has slowly evolved into an important communication channel for the team.

We don't use Twitter for vanity. You won't find our opinions on it or advice about how best to teach. But we do use it to share important information about the work of the team. This might be news about new qualifications or news about new support materials that will help you in your professional practice. The attraction of using social media is its inherent transparency and fairness (anyone can find out what's happening and get involved).

We have plans to use it more. As well as important announcements, which would normally be blogged here and shared via Twitter, Twitter is also great for small snippets of information that are too small to warrant a blog post but ideal for tweeting. In future, we plan to tweet more information about developments, opportunities to work with SQA, and other relevant information. So, if you don't already, please join the more than 500 people who currently follow the team on Twitter.

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