Tuesday, 18 June 2013

College Development Network

Colleges Scotland has held an annual staff development event for Computing lecturers for several years, and I have presented at most of them. I attended yesterday's event at the City of Glasgow College, when I presented an update on SQA developments.

It gave me an opportunity to update people on the various changes that have taken place over the last 12 months. And there have been lots. I discussed the PC Passport review, the NC Review and, of course, the HN Review, which has recently finished. My workshop was well attended and the presentation seemed to be well received. The proposed changes seemed to be liked by attendees, which was encouraging. I reminded everyone that the official launch event for the new HNDs takes place tomorrow, and that there was still time to register.

I took the opportunity to listen to the presentations that took place throughout the day. I was particularly interested in one given by Greg Michaelson, of Heriot Watt University, who spoke about articulation between college and university. David Renton, of Reid Kerr College, also gave a fascinating talk about TouchDevelop, a new tool to generate computer games.

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