Friday, 4 January 2013

Centre satisfaction survey

The team met this afternoon to discuss the results from the recent survey about your satisfaction with the service that we provide.

Overall the results were positive again. We were pleased that you liked the range of qualifications (almost 100%) and the quality of the qualifications (over 80%). More than 90% were happy with the quality of communications. I was particularly pleased that you think that we're polite and courteous (only 2% thought otherwise).

The two main areas of improvement are the way we select people to work with us, and the quality of the teaching and learning material that we produce. Regarding the first point we will try to ensure a fair distribution of work in the coming year. We do try to ensure that we appoint an appropriate mix of people but we are limited to the people who actually volunteer and, of course, we can't appoint everyone who applies. Regarding the quality of the teaching material, we will try to focus more on that in the coming year. A great deal of new material has been produced in the last year and this will replace a lot of older material, and improve things.

The survey also related to services outwith the control of my team (such as SOLAR and the SQA website) and I will pass the results onto the appropriate teams.

One immediate change we will make is to ensure that every job is advertised on Twitter. So, if you don't already, please follow us on Twitter and I promise that you will get to hear about every job opportunity with SQA (related to my team).

Please contact me at any time if you want to discuss the service we provide.

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