Friday, 14 December 2012

Satisfaction survey results

I recently wrote that I would say more about the satisfaction survey once I had had time to digest it. I've now had a look at the results.

The key findings were:

  • Most people (93%) were satisfied with the overall quality of communications between the team and centres.
  • E-mail is the most popular means of communication.
  • This blog is becoming an important communication channel (83% of respondents had used it in the last year).
  • There was overwhelming satisfaction with the range of qualifications (98%).
  • A third of respondents felt there was still too much assessment.
  • One in three respondents were unhappy about the quality of e-learning materials.
  • Almost one in three respondents were dissatisfied with SOLAR.
  • Almost everyone (98%) thought the team were polite and most (90%) thought we dealt with queries quickly.
  • Almost a half of respondents thought the way we selected people could be improved.
  • One in five respondents expressed some dissatisfaction with the overall service that we provided.
So there are some good things and some things we need to work on. I will meet with my team in the New Year to discuss the results and see what we can do to improve the weak points.

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