Friday, 9 November 2012

Social networks

The team have been using social media, such as this blog, for a long time. It's been a great help to us for communicating and sharing  information with you.

We've tried to use social networks once or twice but this has never really worked. For example, we recently created an SQA Facebook account (using our SQA address) but this caused some confusion with our personal accounts, and hasn't worked as I hoped.

I would like to try Google Plus (G+). This service feels less like a walled garden than Facebook so it might get around some of the problems that we have ran into with that service.

The team already has a G+ account using our "" account. Each of us also has G+ accounts under our domain names (for example, my own one is "").

If you want to join this experiment, all you need is a Google account. You can use your standard e-mail address for this. Once you activate Google+ you can add us to your circles. You will want to add the general account ( plus our individual accounts (, and In return we will add you to our circles. I have created circles for "teachers", "lecturers", "writers", "consultants", "External Verifiers", etc.

Creating a Google Plus account is straight forward and begins with you visiting

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