Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Review of NC Digital Media Computing and PC Passport

I recently posted a message to let you know that we were planning to review the NC in Digital Media Computing and PC Passport. Both of these awards are due their "quinquennial" reviews.

We recently asked for volunteers for the Qualification Development Teams (QDTs), and we got a good response. Hilary and me met this afternoon to select members.

We try to be as fair as possible when selecting people to work with us. We use a combination of criteria such as experience (we try to mix experience with "new blood"), gender (we try to get the right mix of men and women), sector (college or school), location (a good geographical spread) and age (we try to mix the young and not-so-young), among other considerations. It's always difficult to decide not to use someone, especially someone who we know and respect, but we have to try to be fair and inclusive, and that sometimes means turning down an offer from an experienced, dedicated professional.

I think that we finished up with two teams with a good mix of experience, age, expertise, gender and location, representing both the college and school sectors. One thing we are short of is industry/employer representation so it would be great to get some volunteers from that area.

We keep the membership of QDTs under constant review so it's never too late to get involved. Please contact Hilary for more information about this project.

We hope to have the updated awards available to centres from August 2014.

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