Thursday, 11 October 2012

Annual update letters to centres

I've been working on my annual update letters to centres for the last few days. There is one for non-advanced awards (such as NPAs) and one for advanced awards (such as HNCs). I arranged for them to be sent to centres this afternoon. They should arrive next week.

The update letters contain important information about changes to qualifications that have taken place over the last year, and also give early notification of future changes. For example, the NC/NPA letter includes information about new National Certificates in Computer Games Development, and notifies centres about forthcoming changes to PC Passport.

The HN/PDA letter provides an update on the HN Review and also contains information about other developments, such as the HN 2.0 project and the new e-commerce units.

There is nothing in the letters that readers of this blog will not know about, but we continue to send traditional letters because some teachers and lecturers prefer this format to more modern communications.

Both letters refer to the qualification portfolio diagram, which can be downloaded here.

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