Thursday, 13 September 2012

Qualifications Support Teams

Qualifications Support Teams (QSTs) are used to support a suite of awards. In Computing, we have two QSTs -- one for non-advanced (NC/NPA/SVQ) awards and one for advanced (HN/PDA) awards. Both QSTs met today. The NC one met this morning and the HN one met this afternoon. This permitted some people to attend both meetings.

Most of the members of the QSTs are practitioners -- either college lecturers or school teachers. The Senior Verifier for Computing also serves (on both).

The main task for QSTs is to maintain qualifications. This might involve recommending new support materials or suggesting changes to existing qualifications. It's also the first group I consult with when qualifications are due to be reviewed. Some members of a QST go on to serve on Qualification Development Teams (QDTs).

A standing item at every meeting is to look at requests from centres. These requests might ask for new assessment materials or ask for changes to a unit specification. The QST will decide what to do with each request. This often results in me commissioning new material or revising a unit specification. We accept feedback from centres in one of two formats: either a standard comment form or a special form designed for QST feedback.

We are looking for new members for both QSTs so please contact Hilary (non-advanced) or contact Caroline (advanced) if you are interested in serving on the NC or HN one (respectively). It's a great way for you to get your voice heard and ensure SQA supports you in the way you want.

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