Monday, 13 August 2012

Welcome back

Most colleges restart today. If you are one of the many Computing lecturers or teachers returning to their desks today, welcome back. The team hope you have a good year.

I recently updated the vocational Computing portfolio diagram.

You might want to download and print this diagram and keep it handy for reference. While I have management responsibility for the awards, Caroline and Hilary have operational responsibility, and the portfolio is divided between them.

Basically, Hilary is the person to contact about NC, NPA and SVQ awards, and Caroline for HN and PDA qualifications (including vendor links). If you contact the right person, you will get a much quicker response. We're happy to receive phone calls or e-mails if you want to contact us. Download the team diagram if you want find out our contact details. Don't forget my offer to visit your centre if you would like to meet us face-to-face.

Don't forget to check this blog from time to time. You can make things simple for yourself by adding the RSS feed to you favourite newsreader, such as Google Reader, which you can then sync to your mobile phone using a dedicated app. Over the summer we reached 400 followers on Twitter and, if you don't already, you can follow us on that service. Lastly, we use an e-mail list that you can subscribe to if you prefer your qualification news delivered that way. Keeping up to date with what we're doing will help you deliver your current classes and also let you know what's coming in the future.

There are lots of support materials available for the Computing awards so make sure you use them to help you deliver your classes this year. Contact Hilary or Caroline for more information.

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