Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Enhancing HN qualifications

I am a member of the Project Board for a new project  aiming to enhance HN awards to make them more appropriate for progression to degree courses. There was a board meeting yesterday afternoon when we discussed the project's tasks and timescales.

The project will explore four subject areas, one of which is Computing, to see how the existing awards can be improved to make the transition from college to university easier for students. We will look at the structure, contents, assessment and supporting guidance to see if some or all of these can be improved to support articulation.

The work in each subject area will be taken forward by a Qualification Review Team (QRT), led by the relevant Qualifications Manager, so I will be leading the QRT for Computing. We hope to have the first QRT meeting in September.

SQA will be formally writing to each college to ask for volunteers for the QRTs. I will also be including information on this development in my forthcoming HN update letter. In the meantime, contact Claire if you want more information.

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