Monday, 30 July 2012

Summer work

The summertime is a good time for the team to catch up with all of the things that fall behind during term time. The Computing team, in common with all SQA staff, have standard holidays so we work through the summer, but the place is a lot quieter with many staff on holiday and most centres closed for the holidays. So it's a great time to catch up with unfinished work, and take stock of things.

Last week we had our annual team meeting, when we review the last year, consider the current year, and generally discuss what works and what doesn't. We plan to continue with the satisfaction survey that we started last year, which aims to measure your satisfaction with the service that we provide to centres. Look out for more news about this.

The team are working on a number of projects over the summer including, but not limited to, the HN Review, the e-commerce project, the review of Graded Units, the Computer Games development, and the HN 2.0 initiative.

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