Thursday, 21 June 2012

Industrial Advisory Board

I attended the Industrial Advisory Board for the School of Computing in the University of the West of Scotland yesterday afternoon. The Board has 54 members, of which over 30 attended yesterday's meeting. Although this size makes it a little difficult for individual members to make a contribution, it's a great achievement to have such a large, representative body to advise the university.

Like my own Sector Panel, the purpose of the IAB is to provide advice about the university's Computing courses. I am the SQA representative on the committee, and it is very helpful to see the range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes offered in the university. It's of great benefit to me when I work with QDTs to design HN awards that articulate with degrees.

I have previously mentioned the difficulties in engaging with employers, and committees such as this one and my own Sector Panel are one way of doing that. But it remains a problem, and one that I will be considering over the coming months.

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