Thursday, 31 May 2012

HNC and Facebook

I came back from holiday yesterday to two pieces of good news. The HNC in Computing was validated while I was away. It was almost there before I left, but it was great to see it put to bed. Don't forget to follow developments via the blog.

The other piece of good news was that SQA had lifted restrictions on staff use of social media while I was away. Like many educational bodies, SQA restricted the use of sites like Facebook and Youtube, but (nearly) all of the restrictions have now been removed.

Mike Russell, the Cabinet Secretary for Education, has spoken many times about the need for schools and colleges to loosen the controls on social media, so it's great to see SQA lead by example. Services such as Youtube have become fantastic educational resources, and now includes an SQA channel.

The Computing team have used social media for a long time now (this blog being an example) but the lifting of these restrictions gives us more opportunities to use social media to engage with teachers and lecturers and other stakeholders. Watch this space.

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