Friday, 3 February 2012

Re-assessing Graded Units

I have been in discussion with External Verifiers (EVs) this week about the re-assessment of students' projects done as part of their Graded Units within various HNs. The discussion has been around the amount of help that teachers can give students, and how this should be reflected in marking.

It caused me to look at a number of (project based) Graded Units in my area to check what advice is given about teacher assistance, and how teachers should mark resubmitted work after remediation has been undertaken.

As a result of this review, I plan to look at my Graded Units to clarify the advice, and to ensure that it is consistent within and between units. This may result in some of the GU specifications being altered. In the meantime, I will write to centres to inform you about this review and also to provide some temporary guidance prior to any changes to units.

The EVs have assured me that teachers (and EVs) have been applying their common sense to this problem (and marking accordingly) but, in the interests of national standards, I will seek to clarify this advice so that every centre is applying exactly the same standards.

The document entitled Guidance on Graded Units [PDF] includes some useful information on re-assessment and is worth a read.


  1. The link to the PDF is broken... :(

  2. Sorry, Ian, it is broken for me too. I think it is due to something odd with the SQA website. I will fix the blog post but here is a direct link in case my fix doesn't work.