Monday, 6 February 2012

Online mailing list

Over the last few years, the team has worked hard to use social media to engage with stakeholders. This blog has become an established channel of communication between SQA and centres. Our Twitter feed is growing in popularity, with almost 350 followers.

But the team's mailing lists have fallen into dis-use, which is a pity since they go way back to around the year 2000 when we first started to use (RIP) to communicate with teachers and lecturers. At one time, around the mid-2000's, we had over 600 members in the Smartgroup (RIP) for PC Passport. In fact, at one time, we had online groups for most of our popular qualifications, and these were generally popular and well used. But maintaining all of these e-groups as well as Blogger and Twitter became too much for a small team.

So, around 18 months ago, we decided to only maintain a single group for all vocational Computing awards. But even this one group has not proven to be very popular. Although there are quite a lot of members (63 currently), the group is pretty dead.

We think it has potential. We think that an online mailing list compliments our other social media channels. It uses very familiar technology (your e-mail program) and is ideal for asking and answering questions. So, we plan to continue to support this service and try to breath some life into it.

Please subscribe via this link. We plan to use the group for a variety of purposes, including job opportunities and to ask for your advice about curricular and assessment issues. The members of the group include SQA staff (me, Caroline and Hilary are members), SQA appointees (such as External Verifiers) and, of course, lots of fellow teachers.

Contact Hilary if you need any assistance to subscribe to this service.

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