Wednesday, 15 February 2012

New Introduction to Computers

It's the time of the year when you look at your operational plan -- and realise that there are some things that still need to be done! One of those things is the development of a new introductory, key skills unit in the area of Computing/IT. A sort of Introduction to Computers for the 21st Century.

If you're as old as me, you will remember the original Introduction to Computers. At one time, it was the most popular SCOTVEC module in the entire catalogue. This development provides an opportunity to resurrect something like that -- but embracing 21st Century IT skills.

We haven't decided on a title yet (our working title is Online Basics to emphasise the online and introductory aspects of the unit) but it will definitely be one credit at SCQF Level 4, and include hardware skills, software skills and online skills. The goal is to create a single unit that covers all of the basics of using computers in the 21st Century. Please use the comment facility if you have any ideas for what should be included.

The unit will be available to centres from May. Contact Hilary if you want more information about this development.

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