Tuesday, 17 January 2012

New Internet Safety qualification is coming

I mentioned the review of the Internet Safety unit previously. We've fallen a litte behind our original schedule. I met with the lead developer yesterday (thanks to the wonders of Skype) to get a progress report.

The new unit will be validated in mid-February and available to centres from the end of that month. We will also have online learning materials available from the middle of February, including mobile phone materials that will permit learners to undertake the course via their smartphones. The new unit will be assessed via SOLAR and using a blog.

We plan to launch the new qualification on Safer Internet Day, which will be held on 7 February this year.

It will be safe to assume that all materials (teaching, learning and assessment material) will be available well before the start of the new academic year. So, if you currently deliver the Internet Safety award, you should consider updating to the new version for next session.

Contact Caroline for more information about Internet Safety.

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