Monday, 31 October 2011

External Verifier meeting

There was an EV meeting on Saturday in Glasgow. Once a year, all of the EVs meet to discuss quality related issues. The meeting is led by the Senior Verifier for my subject area, David Drennan.

It's a long day, commencing at 9:30am and finishing around 4pm, but it covers a lot of issues. The topics at this meeting included CPD for EVs, the new online system called EV+, and e-assessment. David also took the opportunity to discuss his annual report with the team.

Me and my team work closely with the EVs and it's great to have an opportunity to meet them face-to-face rather than the online contact that dominates normal communications.

I give a qualification update at every meeting, which covers all of the changes that have taken place over the last year. It's important that EVs are aware of new qualifications that they may come across in centres. In fact, knowing about qualifications is part of the new system of "competency" that EVs will be required to satisfy, which David described to his team.
Qualifications development played a particularly large part of Saturday's meeting. The person leading the HN Review, Gerry Mackie, provided an update on this development, and June McCamlie updated EVs about qualifications available outside of Scotland, such as our new Computer Games awards that are available in England.

Being an EV is a great way to get a feel for standards across Scotland, and is fantastic CPD. Contact Allison Paterson if you want to know more about becoming an EV for Computing.

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