Monday, 22 August 2011

Follow us on Twitter

I mentioned in a post last week that I would write something about our use of Twitter. The team has been using Twitter for a year, and around 250 people now follow us. That's not bad, but we would like it to be much higher.

Twitter is a "micro-blog", which means that it's used for small messages. We use it for updates and other bits of information that we think you want to know. Not everything in this blog is "tweeted" and not everything we tweet is blogged. For example, the blog permits us to write longer posts and explain things more fully than Twitter. Twitter permits us to share "tit-bits" of information -- such as one of the team being unavailable or a link to an educational website. The blog is a diary of what the team is doing; our tweets are little messages. It's best to follow both - the blog and our tweets.

Twitter has evolved into a powerful educational tool. Most organisations now have a Twitter feed. You can follow national organisations and nearly every educationalist of note has a Twitter account. For example, we follow large organisations such as E-Skills UK, individual centres such as the Computing Department in Lasswade High School, and individuals such as Alex Salmond. Many teachers use Twitter for teaching.

So, I hope you chose to follow the SQA Computing team. It's a simple, convenient way to find out what's happening within the team and what we're working on. Simply click the "Follow" button on the right.

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