Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Changes to HN Unit Specifications/Materials

The following changes have been made to HN materials over the summer break so please make sure that you have downloaded the most up-to-date versions before delivery (please refer to the History of Change section within the documents for more information on the reason for change):

F1W0 34 Project Management for IT (update to HN Unit Specification)
F1VV 34 User Interface Design (update to HN Unit Specification)
F1VY 34 Manage Database Systems (update to HN Unit Specification and HN Exemplar)

There have also been some significant changes to HN Unit Specifications which have resulted in new unit codes being allocated.  The following Units have been revised and as a result added to the relevant group award frameworks as 'either/or' alongside the previous version. Finish dates have been placed on the Units marked 'Old' below - if you have any candidates registered for these Units, please ensure that they are completed by the finish date below to ensure certification:

F6C1 35 Self Describing Data (XML) - Old (Finish date 31st July 2013)
FM97 35 Self Describing Data (XML) - New

F6V6 35 Interactive Media: Graded Unit 2 - Old (Finish date 31st July 2013)
FP25 35 Interactive Media: Graded Unit 2 - New

DF9Y 35 Routing Technology - Old (Finish date 31st July 2012)
FR22 35  Routing Technology - New

DG09 35 Switching Technology - Old (Finish date 31st July 2012)
FR23 35  Switching Technology - New

DF9X 35 Networking Technology - Old (Finish date 31st July 2012)
FR24 35  Networking Technology - New

DG0A 35 Internetworking Technology - Old (Finish date 31st July 2012)
FR25 35  Internetworking Technology - New

In addition to the changes to the above Units, there have also been updates made to the group award frameworks within the following Arrangements Documents:

HNC Computing (G7GL 15)
HND Computing: Software Development (G7TT 16)
HND Computing: Technical Support (G7TR 16)
HND Interactive Media (G9AY 16)
HNC Computer Networking (G7DX 15)
HND Computer Networking and Internet Technology (G7DY 16)
HNC Information Technology (G857 15)
HND Information Technology (G8CX 16)

These documents can be accessed directly through the SQA website or by clicking the document links above.

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