Monday, 25 July 2011


Our meeting with Colin and Gerry from Scotland's Colleges last Thursday was part of the team's "AGM". Once per year we try to find a day to get away from our e-mails and telephones to discuss more strategic issues.

Our relationship with Scotland's Colleges is clearly one such issue, but we also discussed other things. We reviewed the membership of committees. We run three committees: the Sector Panel for Computing & IT; and the Qualifications Support Teams for NC/NPA and HN/PDA awards. The Sector Panel and the QST for HN awards are OK, but we need more members for the QST for NC awards so please contact Hilary if you are interested in joining.

We make a specific effort at these meetings to review our use of technology. For example, at our AGM in 2009 we decided to use Twitter to communicate with centres (there are now almost 250 followers). In 2010 we decided not to use something -- we felt wikis were not ready for serious use as a collaborative writing tool (at least for our purposes). At this year's meeting we looked at video communication, such as Skype, and agreed to try to use this more often to communicate with stakeholders. We can review the success of this idea at next year's AGM!

Contact me if you have any ideas about how the team can work more effectively with you.

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