Monday, 6 June 2011

HN review

I updated the HN Review blog this morning with the latest information about that development. The review of HNC/D Computing and HNC/D Networking is a major project for the team - so major that it has its own blog. I'm sure that anyone with an interest in the associated qualifications will already follow that blog but, for those who don't, this might be a good time to provide an update.

Consultation is a key part of any HN development and the lead developer, Gerry Mackie from Dundee College, has consulted widely -- with colleges, universities, employers and others. We recently created a consultation questionnaire and over 133 people took the time to complete it. The results were re-assuring and supportive of the QDT's proposals. So, the next stage is to finalise the qualification frameworks and get down to unit writing.

We plan to publish the frameworks in the next week or two. We will get down to unit writing over the summer. And the validation event will take place around November or December. The new awards will be available to centres from early 2012. There will be a launch event in Spring 2012.

A distinctive feature of Scottish education is the way in which we involve the wider educational community in developments. There are 22 colleges represented on the QDT for this development. The frameworks were developed by experienced college lecturers. The units will be written by classroom practitioners. And the Validation Panel will consist of independent people (drawn from education and industry). Although it takes longer and is harder to manage than the "smokey room" model of qualification development, the end result is better qualifications -- and qualifications that the sector have developed and feel a sense of ownership.

Contact Caroline if you want to know more about the HN Review. Or follow the developments on the blog.

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