Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Review of Internet Safety

SQA was the first awarding body in the UK to produce a national qualification in the field of Internet safety and we were delighted when E-Skills UK adopted our qualification as the basis of their own award in this area.

The National Unit [PDF] has been available since 2006. Since its introduction, it has proven to be very popular in schools and colleges; some schools offer it to every child in the early years of secondary school; many colleges include it in their adult education programmes. But technology has moved on in the last five years and it's time to look at the unit, with a view to updating it.

I began that process today when I had an internal discussion about our plans to update the unit. During the next few months we will be talking to various agencies and individuals to get their views on what we need to do to update the qualification. The revised unit will be available from August 2012 to centres in Scotland.

Contact Caroline for more information about the current qualification.

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