Tuesday, 19 April 2011

New online groups

I met with Caroline and Hilary this morning to discuss the closure of Jiglu, and what we will do to replace that service.

We've been supporting qualifications through online groups since 2003, when we used Yahoo Groups. Since then we have used a range of services, including Egroups, Smartgroups, Google Groups and Jiglu. In the last few years, the field has thinned out and there are not so many choices today.

We decided to choose two service providers for our groups - our own internal service, called Quickr, and a public service called Groupspaces. Over the next couple of weeks, we will be closing the Jiglu groups and asking members to transfer to a new group based on one of these services. So, if you are a member of an online group, sit tight and await a notice of closure and an invitation to join one of these new groups.

We also decided, at today's meeting, to create one support group for all [vocational] SQA Computing awards. This will replace a number of smaller groups that were designed to support specific qualifications, such as PC Passport or HNC/D Computing. This new group is up-and-running now. It's an open (public) group, so please sign-up now.

Sorry for any inconvenience this change-over will cause but I'm sure the new groups will settle down soon, and a few minutes of your time now will, hopefully, give you years of help and support.

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