Friday, 1 April 2011

E-Placement Scotland

Really just to follow on from Bobby's post yesterday - leaflets are on the way to every College and the team are currently making appointments with every College in Scotland. We are delighted to support e-skills , Scotland IS and the team at Edinburgh Napier University in delivering this programme.

What are the benefits for Colleges?
e-Placement Scotland is working with Colleges across Scotland to identify best practices in
accrediting paid work placements. We hope this will further encourage student participation. By
working with Government and Employers, our aim is to increase the availability of placements in the
IT Sector, and to create the conditions necessary to widen participation.

What to do next
Encourage your students to register on

  • Work with e-PlacementScotland to ensure we are able to create placements that best meet the needs of your students

  • Encourage your students to attend e-PlacementScotland events.
  • Contact Information



    1. A really good idea. It is important that the model suits college students e.g. 6 to 8 week summer placement followed by 1 or 2 days per week during term until 90 days have been spent on placement. Learners could also pick up several SQA credits for work experience, personal development etc.

    2. Cheers Ron
      The team from Napier University will help capture this . The system is flexible enough to accommodate a range of models and Bobby and team are on standby to make sure flexibility is there in awards to maximise opportunity to capture credit. A really useful initiative to improve motivation , performance and destinations for learners