Thursday, 21 April 2011

E-Placement scheme

I have previously posted about the E-Placement scheme, which is sponsored by the Scottish Funding Council and supported by E-Skills UK, Scotland IS, and Napier University.

I met with Colin Smith, of Napier University, this morning to discuss how SQA can support the academic side of the initiative. The placement lasts for (at least) three months and could be done between the first and second years of the HND Computing programme. Students are paid during the placement.

We looked at ways of accrediting the placement through SQA unit(s). Our options were to use existing units, of which there are several generic ones, or create a new specific unit for this placement, such as one entitled "E-Placement" or "Working in IT", which could be a two or three credit unit specifally designed around working in the IT industry. I have to consult internally about this but your views (via the comment facility) would be valued.

If we developed a new unit, it would be added to the existing HND Computing awards and, subject to QDT approval, included in the current HN Review.

Contact Mark Ratcliffe, of E-Skills, for more information about the E-Placement scheme.

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